Alma-Ata technical agriculture, although limited company is a company founded in 2006, agricultural engineer Atilla Kaplan Italian Unifrutti fruit and vegetable packing plant in 1993, began to work, then the TRNC found in the packaging and fruit juice concentrate factories worked Sunsezt and Sunora.


In 1996, approximately 1000 acres of Turkey was founded in 1000 and again in closing, a subsidiary of Uni-agriculture Unifrutti'nin on growing dwarf fruit (apples, cherries, nectarines, grapes) served as the founding engineers.


Dwarf fruit nursery was established in 1998 as a co-founder of Frutaş'ın. In 1998, the University of Nigde garden agriculture programs have been teaching for 8 years as a lecturer on the Atilla Kaplan television programs dwarf fruit, various courses, seminars and publications are available. There relating to foreign studies. The first in this field in Turkey and the first dwarf dwarf fruit orchard was founded nurseries.


Those experiences that we had ever better for those who want to invest in agriculture in order to transfer the Alma-Ata Technical Agriculture sec. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. we have established.


Alma-Ata as the temperate climate fruit saplings over an area of ​​800 acres cultivation, certified correct name, disease and pest free, as grafted on dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstocks have been making. We provide support to vine plants harvested in planting gardens created, net to cover system, drip irrigation system, tool equipment, pollination services, fertilizers and pesticides, as well as provide technical advice.


Our gardens in Alma-Ata, low operating cost, high efficiency per unit area, high quality products, marketing advantages, we provide the transformation of the higher price sales and investment back as soon as possible ..