Alma-Ata Nursery continues to provide the best service on raising seedlings. Raising and maintaining these seedlings with expert personnel in the field, Alma-Ata Nursery offers the seedlings that have the best nutrients.

Alma-Ata Agricultural Pesticide


The factors which prolong the growth process and affect the quality of the plants like weeds, insects, fungus (etc.) can be eliminated by using agricultural pesticides.


Alma - Ata Drip Irrigation


At the filelds where there's lack of water and where the water is not meeting requirements, especially where the soil is light textured, Drip Irrigation can be used for irrigation of crops (vegetables, fruits etc.) that are economically valuable.





Alma-Ata Agricultural Machinery


Agricultural Machinery Service provided by Alma-Ata Nursery supplies all types of agricultural machines that our customers may need…